The First to Go

He knelt down, barely able to hold his own weight. Sweat pouring down his face mixing with the blood that stained his tabard. Defiantly, he pressed the hilt of his axe into the blood-soaked dirt below him and lifted himself to his feet.

“She’s coming back around!” He heard a comrade scream.

He braced himself as he heard the sound like a tornado coming towards him. He lifted his shield just in time to deflect the killing blow, but without his full strength his portable fortress was ripped away, breaking his arm in the process.

He looked across the field, the sounds of war echoing around him. His closest friend, a mere stone’s throw away, lie in a deep scarlet pool. The sight unbearable. He remembered when they first met; dodging the law in order to seek adventure. Dain was quite the drinker.

Amlaan swung his axe once more in a defiant arc that would’ve easily cleaved a dragon’s head in its might, but against such an adversary as this, his great Waraxe merely severed the air. He felt the power behind the blow one more time as his opponent knocked him to the ground with such force, he now lay in a crater.

He heard the flapping of wings and opened his eyes to look upon his murderer. She hovered there proud and he spat at her feet with all the strength he could muster, though it merely landed beneath her.

Amlaan snarled, “You bitch! You’ve no place to…” His defiance was cut off by her foot on his throat.

She chuckled, “Don’t worry, you’re not finished yet, you’ve got a tough job ahead of you.”

Her beautiful smile sickened Amlaan as she raised her sword.



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