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Known Major Governments

  • World Government – A union of many, many kingdoms and peoples united under one military banner. Nearly the entire known world is run by this powerful republic.
  • Endelee and Alaspar – Two Kingdoms United against the World Government, accusing it of ruling tyrannically.
  • Alvar – Elitist elven nation residing in the northern forests. Currently at war with the World Government over political differences.
  • Ahmiran – One of two massive Dwarven cities, Ahmiran is carved into the mountains. Its king is not opposed to the rule of the World Government, and in fact supports it, but wishes to remain apart.
  • Torgos – Among the scattered tribes of orcs, there is one major focus of power and rule located in Torgos. A devout follower and priestess of Gruumsh vows to unite the orcish hordes under one banner in order to destroy the traitorous orcs who pledged their allegiance to the World Government.
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  • The Tower – A mecha for mages; the tower stands as a university of arcane study as well as a military power for the World Government.
  • The Knights – As the primary source of Law enforcement and Military might of the World Government, this order of paladins has been around for nearly a century.
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Main Page

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