Half-Dragon Kobold Cleric

“Some claim I’m a mad Kobold, others claim I’m a fraud, but in truth my friends, I am a messenger sent to show you the way to your salvation.”

We all stood there, frozen by his diplomacy roll. Gold rays of light seemed to come off his skin in all directions encasing him in gold lightness. I didn’t even care what he was saying, he looked so cool. I want to be his friend. He’s so majestic. He looked as bright as the sun. Wait, maybe he is the sun! He’s so… Shiny….

“I’ve been sent to deliver you from your fears, and your oppression. I’ve come to save you from yourselves! To help you become that which you were destined to be.”

Destiny?! He said destiny. He said we have a destiny. We have a destiny?? Whaaaaaa……

“All you need to do is open your hearts and embrace those around you, regardless of race, religion, class, size… You need to learn to overcome these boundaries if you want to reach your salvation. For that is the first step on the road to Shangri-La, which is a place you very much want to go to, because you will see it’s really great, and totally worth the bad stuff.”

I looked around to see what the other Kobolds were thinking, but they were all doing the same thing I was! It was crazy! Shangri-la sounded so awesome! He said I want to go there, and I do! If I make him be my friend maybe I can go there too! Wait! He already called me his friend. I’m his friend! He’s my friend! We are friends and we are gonna go to Shangri-la! It’s gonna be totally great and worth all the bad stuff. Wait…. Bad stuff?

“Oh yes friends there is bad stuff on this path, but not nearly as much bad stuff as you are surrounded by now. It’s tough! It’s a hard road to travel. It goes completely against that which you were taught as children. Even I had trouble on my journey to Shangri-la. All kinds of temptation and other bad stuff lined the path, and I stumbled again and again and again, but you know what? With each stumble I learned something. I learned how to control myself, I learned that my anger was pointless, I learned that it doesn’t matter if you’re a kobold or an elf or a bear because you know what?! We are all in it together!”

The room had some kind of thing that was floating in it, not the kind you could see though. It was like invisible magical stuff that made everybody excited, only it was different than anything we had ever experienced before! It was like that one time that me and that one guy did that thing and we felt like this. Yes, exactly like this. I like this feeling.

“I may be a mad Kobold, but I would rather be mad, than ignorant and miserable. Walk with me and I will show you the way for I am Kobus the son——-“ “HE’S THE SUN! I KNEW IT!” I yelled without thinking. I didn’t have time to get embarrassed though because they all started yelling the same thing. Apparently everyone else was thinking the same thing I was. He held up a gem almost as bright as he was and we went ape shit. The invisible magic stuff was getting more powerful and everyone started chanting his name. Then our tribe leader placed something on his feets and he began to walk on the wall, and then he was on the ceiling! Kobolds were going nuts! He was like a God! Then he jumped off the ceiling and grew bat wings and flew away! He’s so majestic.

He flew through the tunnel on with his bat wings trying to put as much distance between the Kobold tribe and himself before falling to the ground. He didn’t get very far though, since they only worked for 30 seconds a day. “At least I got a good head start,” he said to himself. He put away the shiny gem while sprinting towards the exit, or at least in the general direction he thought the exit was in.

“Alright! After 73 sermons I think I’m finally getting the hang of it. Mommy would be proud. I wonder where she is now. She said we wouldn’t see each other for a long time. I hope it’s not a long time in dragon years, that would be a super long time! Oh well. At least I have this to remember her by.” Kobus placed his hand around the small periapt around his neck. Just before his mother told him it was time for him to leave carry out his destiny, she gave him the periapt which she said would give him the wisdom he needed to do what was to be done, or something like that. Then she gave him his father’s cloak. She said it wasn’t very strong anymore, but that he would have wanted him to have it. As he was running, he noticed something shiny on the ground. “My treasure sense is tingling!” He grabbed the shiny piece of metal, that turned out to be ring and said, “Score!” Just then he heard the Kobolds coming up from behind. They couldn’t catch up! It would ruin his exit! He saw a light at the end of the tunnel and ran as fast as he could to the cave’s exit.


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