Threll, the Untied

“Try not to think anything…threatening…” Ryan said, unsure of how to explain himself.

Leo tried not to look confused.

“Wha-Okay! I just want some grass, man,” He said.

“Alright, but don’t,” Ryan said, after he gave him a stern look.

Leo, now even more confused, tried even harder not to look so, but looked more constipated than he believed he was.

“I’m cool maaaaan!” Leo replied.

“Alright, down under the bridge hear the memorial cemetary.” Ryan turned back to his drink.

43.78935 minutes later

“It’s like a flower, grown of a thousand murdered corpses!” Threll exclaimed in his depressing manner.

“What?” Leo couldn’t hide his confusion anymore.


Threll glared at Leo, his rubbery slimy skin glistening in the soft candle-light.

“Get down…” Threll whispered.

Leo looked around.

GET DOWN!!!” Threll jumped at Leo grabbing hold of him and dragging him to the dirty mold covered floor.

Leo let out a ‘manly’ scream, “EEEEEEK!”

“There’s no way out man! They’re everywhere! Those damn dogs are gonna take us all out! I love you man! It’s been an honor, George!” Threll screamed in Leo’s ear.

“Momma?” Threll sobbed.

“What’s goin on, man?!” Leo cried.

“It’s the bombs, man! The Bombs!” Threll yelled.

Immediately after deafening Leo, Threll casually stood up, walked to his chair, and sat down.

“Grass, then?” Threll reached into his cloak and pulled out a small green pouch.

Leo lay on the ground terrified, unable to speak.

Threll nonchalantly passed the pouch over to Leo.

“25 gold, human,” Threll growled.

Leo, shaking, reached into his pocket and turned it out. Gold coins fell to the floor.

“Kkk…k…keep it…” Leo managed to say, at last.



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