The Way Things Are

“There they are!” Samuel’s little hand tugged on his mother’s dress, his wide eyes glazed over with astonishment. “They’re the ones! They’re the adventurers!”
His mother, who had been sweeping the porch of their house before Samuel ran up excited, felt her cheeks fill with blood as she blushed, “Samuel! We don’t want to associate with them!” She quickly grabbed the boy by the arm and took him inside their small house.
“Mom! They’re not bad! I want to be…” Samuel’s voice trailed off when he saw a man sitting at the table.
“Hello, Samuel,” the man’s voice was deep and powerful yet kind.
Samuel didn’t reply. He never knew his own father and was generally shy around anyone except for his mother.
“Adventurers…” the man sighed, clearly annoyed at the thought. “They’re so romanticized. Now, I know you’re having a hard time getting along with the other children in town, but you need to remain pure. It’s your duty.”
“Yes father,” Samuel replied. “I didn’t start it though!”
The priest gave him a stern look.
“I think you’re old enough to know excuses mean nothing. It’s the choices you make that end up making you who you are and who you will be.” He stood from his seat, “I’ve been talking to your mother, and she agreed to allow you to live with the Knights.”
Samuel’s face lit up. “Really!?”
“You don’t have to go Samuel, but it’s your choice,” his mother interjected with hesitation.
“I want to, I want to!” Samuel grew more excited but regained his composure, “Yes father, I would like that.”
The priest headed to the door, “Then we leave in the morning. You mustn’t bring any of your belongings.” He left without another word.
Samuel was too excited to do anything but simply spout gibberish about his future accomplishments, he’s gonna fight a dragon, he’s gonna defeat demons! “NO, no, LEGIONS! Legions of demons!” He was too excited to notice his mother’s stifled tears.
“You’re…You’re gonna be great honey,” His mother spoke at last.
“Why are you crying, mom? I’m gonna be the best! I’ll visit you all the time,” Samuel’s little 8 year old voice made his mother choke up as she tried to speak again.
Samuel smiled up at his mother, “Don’t worry, mom. It’s just the way things are.”


Fantastic! Are the “Adventurers” our party?? :P

The Way Things Are

you’ll see on Monday. or not. lol

The Way Things Are

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