Raising A Child For Good

… 13 Years Ago
“Sir … It’s a bloodbath out in there Sir. There appear to be no survivors.”
“Keep looking … there has got to be someone in there, an entire town doesn’t just get slaughtered overnight someone had to have heard the others and ran off, hidden, something.”
“I’ll do my best sir.”
It was a cloudy night during a full moon and this small village sitting quietly on the outskirts of the Orc lands was now nothing more then a graveyard.I’ve just been put in charge of a group of new recruits and this was the first assignment they gave me, I suppose it had something to do with the fact that my old friend Kon was the default protector of the town. Who would have thought a Half-Orc Barbarian and a Half-Elf Paladin would become best friends. Kon and I had seen it all, adventuring when there were no adventurers. It was because of my belief that everyone deserves a chance for justice, a chance to answer for your actions. I was a new recruit and we broke up a tavern fight. Kon had taken offense at some song a local Bard was singing. Kon was very obviously drunk, a great feat taking into account Kon’s immense size, I swear it was like trying to detain a Bear. Anyways after we took him in he told us that he could not pay for the damages he caused at the Inn, he’d spent it all on drinks. My fellow Paladins were all set to toss him in the Lock up for a few nights until he could pay for his crimes when my commander pulled me aside and said “Radik, I see alot of potential in this guy, a little slow witted and he’s a little out of control but if we can keep this guy on the right path he can do great things”
“I agree sir”, I said with hesitation.
“He needs a balancing force in his life.”, he said eyeing me over.
“Agreed sir”
“You’ve been quite eager to get out there and prove yourself”
“Yes sir”
“Well soldier heres your chance to prove yourself to Obad Hai, if you can turn this big guy into a functioning member of society you will have done your mission”
“Sir with all do respect I was thinking that maybe I could erm … possibly um-”
“Rad you need this just as much as he does we need to get you out of your damn shell if you’re going to be a great soldier, now this guy looks like he’s been around the block now you two are going to head out and …”
Thats how my adventures with Kon started and I was mistaken we learned many many things from each other over the years, I hadn’t heard from him in quite awhile I went back to work for my Paladin Brethren when we were called to the site. He had been adopted as a protector of this town so he settled down found a nice half-orc to settle down with, I heard he even had a child.
It couldn’t be … could it. I ran, I ran like there was no tomorrow, fearing what I was about to see. There it was just outside the doorway his signature throwing axe. This was definitely the his house as I came inside a break in the clouds came in through the window the new recruit was holding the the crying Half-Orc infant in the shadows. “Give me the child!” I said more sternly then I’ve ever stated anything, “Is there any sign of his parents!”
“There is a female in the back sir … very badly mauled … the worst I’ve seen thus far.” he said as he handed me the child.
“What about a father, have you found his father?!”
“No sir nothing, we did find these with the baby”
He handed me a small stone and a note that simply read “JUSTICE”. I wasnt sure what had happened but something had gone very seriously wrong. How could Kon have simply vanished from this town that he had protected for so long. I whispered to the child who had calmed down after I cradled him in my arms “Who did this … Who?”
The baby stared at me with the deepest stare I had ever seen as if this child had seen and done more in his short lifetime then me. I brought him into the light to get a better look at his injurys which were very minor and superficial consider the carnage around him. He simply had four claw-marks across his face, thats it. It was at that moment however that things began to change the boy began to change. Muscles grew and the black hair covering his head was spreading all over his body. His mouth moved outward into a snout and I could see teeth like I’d never seen on a child before. It took me a brief moment to realize what exactly had happened but when I did I knew that Obad Hai would soon be very, very proud.


well done!


aww its a little werebear…


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