If only.....

Rugala doesn’t understand….

This world sooo mean. No one cares. No one loves. Only fight, hunt, kill. Rugala’s heart hurts, wants, needs. Need family, friend, maybe even friends. This world so ugly, like Rugala. Everyone stares and screams when Rugala enters. Rugala different than the pretty little elf people. Rugala can not remember ever seeing someone like her, big, green, ugly. They tell Rugala that I am not full Orc, only half. Rugala never seen an Orc. Rugala only knows elf people. They nice, give food, make clothes, give cave to sleep in. Only cave had bad snakes. Rugala kill bad snakes and eat their meat. Good meat, nice and juicy.

Rugala had friends. We fight mean dragons together. Rugala save some even, but they left. They always leave Rugala. So Rugala is alone, again. But I move, must keep moving. There must be someone like Rugala, must be people who need Rugala, can love Rugala. Rugala will find her fit. Rugala will protect them, love them, kill for them…. DIE for them.



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